Sewing Bee – Back on our Screens!


So, The Great British Sewing Bee got off to a strong start yesterday with the contestants already forming strong bonds and supporting each other in their quest for sewing supremacy.


Judges May Martin and Patrick Grant (Photo by Colin Bell)

It was nice to see four male sewers – I don’t know why I’m always so surprised that men like to sew, after all, we have so many talented male designers and tailors. It was interesting that one of the men compared sewing to engineering –  the use of this comparison in schools and colleges could encourage a lot more men to take up sewing, and not see it as a predominantly  female skill.

Military man,  Neil was amazing wasn’t he? He was so well-organised and accurate with his sewing, even unpicking a seam because his polka dots were out of alignment by about 1mm. What a difference this act of professionalism made though – his polka dot dress was outstanding. What a lucky wife he has!

I felt sorry for Annie. It’s a shame that anyone has to go out in the first week. I would imagine that the pressure to perform well  in front of the cameras is so great that it would take a few weeks to find your feet and get into your stride.

Ex-air hostess, Lorna interested me. I think she is quietly talented and definitely one to watch. I loved Deborah’s vintage style and I particularly liked the vibrant fabric she chose for her dress – beautiful! I also admired the fabric which Amanda chose for her trousers. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to choose something like that, but they looked fab.

I sympathised with Alex. She strove for perfection but didn’t perform well under  pressure and made some silly errors which nearly cost her dearly. I’m sure if I was on the show, I would be exactly the same. I hope she gets her nerves under control and stays in the competition. I admired her creativity which was evident in her redesign of the denim shirt.

Inserting a concealed zip certainly wasn’t the easiest task with which to open the competition. I use the same concealed zipper foot as the contestants but rarely manage to get the foot as close to the zip as I would like. Generally I prefer to use a standard zipper foot as I find the results more effective – maybe I just need to practice more.

I’m already itching to see next week’s show when the contestants will be demonstrating traditional tailoring skills whilst making a child’s waistcoat, and making children’s fancy dress costumes.

What did you think of Episode 1, and the contestants and their creations? Any thoughts on who you think will be crowned Sewing Bee 2015?

One thought on “Sewing Bee – Back on our Screens!

  1. After watching episode 1 and 2, I think it’ll be between Neil and Lorna – both have exceptional sewing skills.
    I love watching the Sewing Bee, it always motivates me to get back to sewing!


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