Easing in Gently

To put it quite simply, I LOVE TO SEW! I think everyone needs some sort of creative outlet, and for me, it’s making beautiful garments which are unique to me. Sometimes, when life gets particularly hectic, I have long breaks between sewing projects – but no matter how long the break, sooner or later I will get an irresistible urge to get the sewing machine out, or get on the internet and start researching sewing patterns for inspiration. Are you the same? Or are you one of these people who are lucky enough (or organised enough) to always have a project on the go.
When I have had a long break from sewing, I always like to ease my way back in with something simple – like this skirt, for instance, which was my first project for 2015.

A simple 1950s style pencil skirt
A simple 1950s style pencil skirt

I am determined this year to reduce my rather large fabric stash, and this skirt was made with a rather lovely stretch crepe fabric remnant which I bought some years ago from High Street stalwart, C&H Fabrics. I didn’t use a pattern as such, just cut it from a skirt block I made to fit my measurements. Luckily I made a calico toile first as my skirt block (made some years ago) needed a little adjusting over the hip area – a sign of my increasing years no doubt!
It’s surprising when you haven’t sewn for a while, just how much you forget – or I do anyway! I had to remind myself how to insert a concealed zip and how to deal with the slit at the back of the skirt – I can never remember how to cut and stitch the lining around the vent! So as usual, it was out with my sewing bible – The Reader’s Digest ‘Complete Guide to Sewing’. This is a fab book for any level of experience, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. You can quite often find a copy for sale in charity shops, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for.
Considering I hadn’t sewn anything for some time, I was pretty happy with the cut and finish of this skirt. My only reservation was that it was a little plain, so I decided to add a ribbon trim to the waistband to jazz it up a bit. I’m not sure now whether this was a good idea, or whether it just makes the skirt look ‘homemade’ – what do you think?

A ribbon trim was added to the waistband
A ribbon trim was added to the waistband

I will definitely wear this as it’s a lovely skirt for work – very smart for the office!
What sewing projects have you got on the go at the moment?

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